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explanation for my french leave ♡

sorry i went awol lovely followers! i can’t remember when i started posting less regularly but let me just say - 2010 was a crazy & amazing year. things just started getting so busy, so fast. i haaaaated relationships, i was way too independent for one but the second i was sure i didn’t want to be in one, my prince charming popped up seemingly out of nowhere. it happens when you least expect it, THAT is true. so now i’ve been in one for 7 months. i’ve been busy keeping in touch with my long-distance bf, my best friends who are all over the place at the moment, british columbia, spain, paris (lucky b!) and basically everything’s just been hectic. i’m going to try & post more again, of the same kind of thing - fashion & style - but i think i may try & do a little more personal posts as well. anyways, feel free to send me a message/ask a question & THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for following. much love x S

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